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Bermuda Turbo Active
    • 71.76€
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The famous Bermuda unique. 
A natural way to lose weight walking. 
Losing weight merchant. 
Improved metabolism, monitoring results with Turbo Check. Multi control 3 en 1. 

Doctors recommend moderate physical activity regularly and to lose weight and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cholesterol and glucose levels.
The advantages of Turbo Active through its material in 3 layers: the outer layer is elastic fits comfortably shaped body hidden under clothing. The middle layer is made of natural latex which locally increases the body temperature, without overheating the skin. 3 inner layer is made of 100% hypoallergenic cotton generating a micro massage, increasing circulation and also help to eliminate toxins. The specificity of the cotton helps evacuate perspiration. Active Turbo remains comfortable throughout the day. High precision, the monitor displays Turbo Check your results. Pedometer (and not distance). Calorie Calculator. Analyzer body fat; hooked to a belt, it operates the route of your progress every day. Check turbo authentic "self control" of your thinness. 
5 sizes: 
Size 2: 68 cm (waist) 90 cm (Hips). 
Size 3: 74 cm (waist) 95 cm (Hips). 
Size 4: 80 cm (waist) 100 cm (Hips). 
Size 5: 86 cm (waist) 105 cm (Hips). 
Size 6: 92 cm (waist) 110 cm (Hips).

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