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Challenger Cyberline
    • 155.48€
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This brand new unit of electro-muscle stimulation has all the advantages of a professional system. 16 programs and 8 double electrodes. EC Medical. 

All programs are present: Athletic face and body toning, slimming, relaxation, drainage etc ... It also offers the feature of having a program analgesic (painkillers) and is designed for athletes and those who are less so. CE 0197 Medical 
Compact: 9cm x 5.4 cm x 2.5 cm thick Weight: 130 grams Colors Gray Support / clip on the back of the device. 2 output electrodes 2 knobs 3 selectors. 


 The electro musculuaire (ESM) has become essential in the rehabilitation of sports in the prevention of some injuries, but also for its therapeutic effects known in the treatment of pain, contractures, tendonitis, etc ...  

The ";Challenger";, a micro-stimulator portable, modern, compact, and lightweight. It is designed to adapt to all types of muscle, therefore, the morphology of each depending on the wearer (weight, height, sex). The electrodes are moved exactly on the muscles of the engine. Advantage, all parameters are adjustable. It has a digital screen indiquabt all operations and settings: FREQUENCY - PULSE WIDTH - RAMP PACING - CONTRACTION - RELAXATION TIME, ETC ... The last program used is stored in memory. It is composed of 8 moistened electrodes used long-term or adhesive. 

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