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Disck Roller Massager
    • 88.5€
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Top slimming massage, from the rolling massage technique. 
2 heads of massage: 
- Head rotating discs that helps reduce capitons 
- Head adapted to specific tissue massage relaxing. 
4 Actions: kneading, vibration, effleurage, Heat. 

This device will allow you to regain form, health and beauty. 
With two massage heads high technology, is ideal to sculpt your body. 
With its rotating discs, with hot air, the disck Roller Massager helps eliminate capitons. 
It helps to refine the size and stimulates the lymphatic system helps your body to get rid of impurities. 
Electronic variable speed. 15 Watt power consumption. Power: 220 Volt. 
Frequency: 50 Hz to 60 
Tours minutes between 180 and 260 rpm, Weight: 810 gr. 
Length of power cord 2.5 m

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