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Maniquick Luxe - Manucure PEdicure
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Apparatus for care pedicure and manicure at home. 
It heals and beautifies nails of hands and feet in true professional. 

Equipped with a micro motor integrated with a system shutdown in the event of excessive pressure. 4 speeds: 3.500/6.000/8.500 / 
11,000 revolutions minute. 
Allows you to shorten and provide a perfect nails. Removes corns, calluses, eye of partridge, hyperkeratosis. Suitable for people with diabetes, since the device allows them to provide care tailored manicure pedicure. Supplied with 6 accessories made from surgical steel. Sapphire accessories, in addition to being based on surgical steel, which guarantees a long lifetime, are sterilized, thus preventing the proliferation of fungi and viruses. Comes in a box handy to protect and transport the device. Power cable of 3 meters. 
24 Volt. 
200 mA. 
230 V. 50 Hz 
Rotation: 2-way. 
Complies with Directive 2002/95/EC

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