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Relieves Migraine. 
During a migraine attack is at the temples and, more specifically, on the superficial temporal artery, which focuses the worst pain. 


Clinical studies have shown that exercise prolonged pressure on these arteries relieves pain caused by migraine. 

Migracalm is an innovative crown, which relieves migraine headaches by applying constant pressure and controlled on the superficial temporal arteries. 


- Prolonged pressure exerted on the superficial temporal arteries, relieves pain caused by migraine in 90% of cases. 
- It reduces the ingestion of drugs or to avoid overdose. 
- Harmless and without side effects, it is suitable for pregnant and lactating women. 
- Children, its use is not recommended for children under 12 years. 

The chain of Forensic Medicine, Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Barcelona analyzed the sanitizer Migracalm as palliative treatment of migraine, and made the following conclusions: 

- Migracalm is useful and beneficial as a palliative method of migraine. Its clinical effect was demonstrated both when used alone than when combined with other remedies pharmacological treatment of type. 

- The use and application of Migracalm may help prevent migraine drug overdose, a risk frequently observed in patients suffering from severe attacks. 

- The pressure exerted on the superficial temporal artery and the carotid relieves pain and can make migraines disappear. Migradalm can compress superficial temples without risk of clinical complications of the headache. 

- The process pressor Migracalm may be the only palliative treatment in cases where pain persists even after having ingested the highest dose of migraine medication allowed the therapeutic standpoint. 

Studies tinsel. Effectiveness: 
Compress the superficial temporal artery relieves pain caused by migraine. 

- During crises maigraine moderate: 90%. 
- During severe migraine attacks: 32.5%. 
- Average efficiency 68%. 

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