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Semelles of Massage Doubles Gel
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Have Wings to the foot. Happy feet permanently, a real massage with every step, a real massage for standing work stations. 

- At each step, these shoes give you a unique feeling of well-being by acting in a pleasant massage of the toes to the heel. Mass reflex zones of the plantar arch. Ideal for walking, hiking, excursions or standing. All Day soles reduce discomfort and fatigue. These shoes contain gel shock blue (a double layer of frost blue and green colors of the ocean) is circulating, and the arch. Cooled they provide a pleasant sensation of freshness. 
- Improves circulation 
- Suitable for all forms of footwear. 
- Their size is adjustable through the cuts at the end of the sole. 
- Pressure up to 6 tons. 
- Washable and odorless. 
- Warranty 1 year. 
- 6 Men's and Women's sizes: from 35 to 46.

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