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Shea Butter 200 ml
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 Shea butter is very good for your skin. It nourishes and forms a protective film to prevent dehydration by retaining water. It can be used on the body as on the face (and even the eyes). Shea butter suited to dry and damaged skin. It protects the skin and cold weather. It allows you to fight against stretch marks by its anti-elastase.
It soothes irritations, is carefully after waxing or aftershaves. It also serves as an after sun. In Africa, it is used to care for the delicate skin of babies.
Shea butter can be used as lip balms. It relieves chapped lips and makes them shine.
Shea butter also nourishes the hair. It is used in the mask before shampoo for dry, damaged hair, which are smoothed and made more gentle. it protects the hair from drying out.


Capacity : 200 ml

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