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Silent Night Bracelet
    • 23.92€
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to stop snoring. Great news for all those whose nights are constantly disturbed by the snoring of ";l'autre";. No more sleepless nights! The ultimate choice for a good night to two. 

- The Silent Night proves to be the treatment of snoring. 45% of the adult population snores occasionally and of 25%. The phenomenon is much more common in older people three times more common among the obese. 86% of married men and 57% ronflent their wives .15% of men suffer, and 52% of married women mourn bitterly. The Silent Night stops instantly responsible for sleepless nights and wake up without it. This small device, shaped as shown, immediately detects the issue of snoring. The process consists of a light pulse sent on the inside of the wrist. The impulse frequency of intensity and duration of specific alerts the subconscious buzzer causing a change of position. This may generate, in addition, education for the reflex decrease in the number and intensity of snoring. In many cases, except those requiring special medical treatment for surgery. Supplied with a freeze on contact. 

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